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With many years of experience in astrology reading and many long-term clients, we’re proud to call Sethumadhavji.com the foremost provider of astrology services in the Irinjalakuda area. We welcome both those who are well-versed in their stars, planets and houses as well as those who are brand new to this ancient form of esoteric knowledge. Whatever your previous experience, you will find our discreet and charming premises a sanctuary where you can learn about how the universe dictate the bigger picture and deeper meaning in your life. Make an appointment on 9349002007 today.

What Can an Astrology Classes Offer You?

Becoming an insightful and skilled astrology reader can provide you with a number of things. A deeper insight into your character, as well as a feeling of validation and understanding as you learn to articulated and explained parts of life that can seem unclear – perhaps parts you weren’t able to put into words. Many clients report a greater clarity and motivation, especially if they have been struggling with questions of which direction to take, or how to tackle challenges in their life.

Types of Reading

We recommend starting with a natal chart reading. Based on the position of the stars at the time you were born, it explains how the position of the planets informs your personality, emotions and ambitions – a great tool for understanding anyone. A current transit reading, meanwhile, looks at your stars at the current time, helping you to understand the shifts, changes, strengths and challenges you are working with today. A solar return reading around your birthday can reveal insights into the year ahead, while a synastry reading brings clarity and understanding to your key relationships. 

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